Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memory Match Game

With just over a week 'til Good News Club starts, I am getting games ready.
 Review games and Bible verse memorization games.
I've been looking for books to make a large memory match game and finally found some suitable at $ Tree.

So here are my 2 Bible Readers and 2 packages of plastic plates. 
The bottom of the pkg. says 8 plates so I decided to make 8 matches for my game.

Tore out the desired pages.

Used a funnel to get a perfect circle.

                                               Cut them out. 
(My kids are offended by the lame depiction of the ark 
God had Noah build but it'll work for the game-lol)

And what do ya know, I got ripped off by 2 plates!
I'll just have 7 matches!
I laminated each picture, cut them out again and 
used double stick tape to fasten them to the plates.
Now to play, I'll just mix them all up and
lay them out upside-down on the floor.
When a review question is answered correctly, 
students will be able to try finding a match!

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