Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wordless Book Tree Ornament

I was assigned to come up with a craft for our
Christmas Party Club at Good News Club.
In prayer, I asked God to show me what we should do
 and then did not think of it for a few days.
Then, as I was dropping my girls off for a club in Centralia, 
sweet Patti from the CEF board there showed me this fun craft.
 It is not only cute but has the wordless book colors
so it tells the gospel story.

                                                                                                                                               Thank you to Bob Ward Images for photo

So, with some gold metallic craft stems and felt,
we'll be making some great trees.
You take the stem and make 5 bends to start the star,

 then twist the end down and wrap around
just past the last bend, twist and then shape star.
Cut out felt using
this printable guide.
Order them similar to what is shown.

A couple greens, white, green, red, couple greens, black etc.

Punch hole in center of each square using a hole punch
 with a small punch, not notepaper size.
If you don't have a punch a small thin awl
could be used to bore the stack.

 Here is the star ready for sliding felt pieces on.

Now just slide the stack on!

Finish with a twisted loop so they don't slide off.

And lay the loop flat.

Voila! A fun decoration that tells a story.

Well, here is one kit, just 39 more to make!

And I will have these Wordless Book tracts to go with them.

And Jesus said unto them, 
                                 Go ye into all the world,                                   
and preach the gospel to every creature.
                                           Mark 16:15

I cut out over 1500 squares and punched holes in each,
stacked 'em and bagged 'em!
If any kids say they don't like the craft they will be
sweeping the gym floor in its entirety! LOL

Post Party Club update:

The kids all loved this craft.
Several wanted to give them to their teachers 
that do not know Jesus.
One boy took an extra so he could make it with 
a young relative to tell her about Jesus.

Precious times!
May God's word go forth unhindered!!

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