Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Who Love You Good News Party Club

Lots of fun planned for today's Party Club.
'Who Loves You? is our theme.

A song we always sing in the fall, (because the visual is very fall themed)
is 'Who Loves You?'
I made a new visual to fit our theme better.

'Who, who, who loves you?
Jesus, He's the One.
Who, who died for you?
Jesus, God's own Son.
who, who will take you
to His home above?
Jesus Christ my Lord and King
He's the one I love!'

Cassia made Chocolate  cupcakes with berry buttercream frosting


I made loads of heart pizzas.
Oops I missed a heart. LOL

Our Brazillian missionary friends Marcos and Telma and their 4 precious boys will join us.
And we have 40 'Who Loves You' owl craft kits.

God loves us soooooooo much!!
I'm sooo happy to share that love!!

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